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The Elders hear first hand about life in Gaza, Bil’in and East Jerusalem:

“The Elders were unable to visit Gaza but spoke with young people and others via video link. They then went to the West Bank village of Bil’in where a local protest movement against the separation wall is gaining momentum. In the evening they visited a Palestinian family in East Jerusalem evicted from their homes by Israeli authorities.”

The Elders in the West Bank: Checkpoints and politics:

“On the second day of their visit, the Elders met Israeli President Shimon Peres in Jerusalem as well as Palestinian Prime Minister Salaam Fayyad in Ramallah. On their way to the West Bank, they stopped at the Qalandia checkpoint, where hundreds of Palestinians line up daily to cross into Israel under tight security. There they met Zaina who has made the crossing many times to go to school. Zaina joined other young Palestinians in conversation with the Elders later in the day to express their frustrations with the current situation and their hopes for peace.”

Desmond Tutu’s message to activists: Good will prevail:

“Desmond Tutu shares his words of encouragement for those fighting for what they believe to be right.”

And an interview of former U.S. President Jimmy Carter on Al-Jazeera

Carter urges halt to Israeli settlement building – 27 Aug 09:

“Former US President Jimmy Carter says a freeze on Israeli settlements is ‘absolutely necessary’ to achieving peace in the Middle East.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, Carter, who is currently visiting Israel as a member of the group known as the ‘Elders’, spoke about his views on the prospects for Middle East peace.

His comments come as Barack Obama, the US president, attempts to seal an Arab-Israeli peace deal that has eluded the region for more than six decades.

His administration has already made it clear it opposes the ongoing building of Jewish settlements on Palestinian land occupied since 1967.

Hundreds of thousands of homes have been constructed by Israel despite international condemnation and in contravention of international law.”

Palestine Video – A Palestine Vlog


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Democracy Now! | South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu on the Election of Barack Obama, the Israeli Blockade of Gaza, US Foreign Policy under President Bush and More:

South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu is one of the leading voices for peace, justice and human rights around the world. He was a central figure in the South African struggle against apartheid and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984. Today he will receive the J. William Fulbright Prize for International Understanding for his work for peace in South Africa and elsewhere.

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Palestine Video – A Palestine Vlog

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Tutu condemns strike on Gaza:
“Archbishop Desmond Tutu has delivered a scathing report to the UN on Israel’s shelling of Beit Hanoun in Gaza in 2006.”

Related News item:

TuTu: 2006 Israeli Attack on Beit Hanoun Possible War Crime
Thursday, September 18, 2009
Source: IMEMC

The South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu told the United Nations this week that he believes that a 2006 Israeli attack on the southern Gaza Strip town of Beit Hanoun “showed a disproportionate and reckless disregard for Palestinian civilian life”, and could possibly be considered a war crime.

Tutu was part of an investigatory commission created by the United Nations (UN) shortly after the incident to travel to Gaza and conduct an investigation. But Israel refused to issue the renowned Archbishop and anti-apartheid activist a visa, and the investigation was unable to go forward. Tutu finally was allowed to enter Beit Hanoun this May, 18 months after the incident, and did not manage to conduct an investigation.

In the 2006 attacks, 19 Palestinian civilians, including children, were killed in a barrage of Israeli artillery shells. Said Tutu this week, “It is not too late for an independent, impartial and transparent investigation of the shelling to be held”.

Israeli authorities reject the validity of Tutu’s statement, with one Israeli official, Aharon Leshno-Yaar, stating, “There is no need for such a mission by the Human Rights Council and by Archbishop Tutu”, adding that the internal investigation carried out by the Israeli military, which ruled that the shelling was an accident, was sufficient.

Nearly 4,000 Palestinians and 900 Israelis have been killed since the current uprising against the Israeli military occupation began in late 2000. Human rights groups estimate that around 80% of those killed, both Israelis and Palestinians, have been civilians.

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Tutu leads UN probe into Beit Hanoun killings – 28 May 08:

“A United Nations inquiry is taking place in Gaza over an Israeli air-strike 18 months ago that killed 23 Palestinians – 20 of them from the same family.

Accounts differ about what happened in Beit Hanoun and how many missiles were fired. Israel has already said it was a mistake.

From Gaza, Owen Fay reports for Al Jazeera.”

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Desmond Tutu – Apartheid Israel – Democracy Now – 11-27-07:

“Desmond Tutu speaks at Christian Palestinian organization Sabeel’s conference: The Apartheid Paradigm in Palestine-Israel: Issues of Justice & Peace, October 2007. Old South Church, Boston. re-broadcast on Democracy Now after Noam Chomsky’s speech”-56 min


Palestine Video – A Palestine Vlog

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